For you and your friends

Explore the collection and get your event up and running in no time. Additionally, host the custom-made bot to link your events with Discord.

Installing datapacks

Feeling confused?

Drop me an email and I can help get you back up and running.

Connect your events with Discord

A custom bot centered around event managing, announcing and hosting. Get your event up and running for you and your friends.

Download and Host Installation Guide

Does require self-hosting and running the bot for the time-being, could possibly change in the future?

More easy to use than ever before

By simply typing a "/" you can be guided all the way through the process of making an event in an intuitive way.

Screenshot of Discord showing the community server template
Screenshot of Discord

Get ahead of the game

Boot your new server up with the essentials of an event server with the custom-made server template freely available.

Announce early to build up hype

Make your server feel more professional by getting the bot itself to announce your events, building up hype for the day.

Screenshot of Discord
Screenshot of Discord

All you need for event managing

Users can decide whether they're available to play or unsure with clearly layed out information and reactions.

One bot that does it all

Get started in a matter of minutes and get right into the action.

Easily manage your events

Send out nicely-formatted event markers to let your players know what the next event is.

Built-in reactions allow you to get a sense of who's joining.

Your server, your design

With some simple customisation, the bot will adapt to how your server is layed out and function accordingly.

Open up the bundled config.json to get started.

Reducing the work

To make your experience even easier, the bot makes use of slash commands, giving hints just by typing a "/" into the message bar.

All under control

No need to worry about permissions, we've got you covered. Your Events can only be managed by your admins.

Trophy symbol representing the Events Bot profile picture

Get your events up and running

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