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Lava Rising

Battle it out in the well-known challenge of Minecraft, but the Lava Rises. Get time to prepare in the beginning stages before lava begins to engulf the world from the bottom to the top, who will come out victorious in the final battle?

What's New



Gameplay can be modified to better suit your event's needs by either modifying the global scoreboard or using the setup flow.

Installation & Setup

As with any other datapack, there is an incredibly simple installation process:

  1. Download the datapack .zip file and save it somewhere
  2. In Minecraft, create a new world then press Data Packs
  3. Drag the file you saved earlier into this now opened folder
  4. Then click the > arrow to enable the pack, ignore any version errors

Now the pack is installed, there is a simple process to start the game:

  1. Either host the server or load up the world on Minecraft Realms
  2. If you want to enable teams, run /scoreboard players set enable_teams global 1
  3. Teams can then be assigned with /team join [name] red/blue/green (green only available with 3 teams)
  4. Once you're ready, run /function lavarising:start and let the games begin!

Upon adding the datapack, a simple setup flow will help you get the event up and running.